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Dru Wynings' Portfolio


About Dru Wynings

I design and build products for the web and mobile. Learn more

Recent Projects

Over the years, I’ve had the good fortune of working on a number of interesting projects. Here are a few of my favorites (that I’m allowed to mention):

Diffbot Redesign

Diffbot uses AI and computer vision to automatically extract structured data from any website. Tasked with increasing the # of new signups, I redesigned and A/B tested the homepage, which increased trial conversions by over 450%.


Crawly turns websites into data in seconds. Just give it Crawly a URL and it crawls and extracts the site as structured data automatically.


Sift enables you to search, track, and analyze the entire web like a database. Get alerted to new results as they happen on any of the more than 100,000 news sources we monitor.


Pickup is like “Dropbox for your browser” – it syncs your browser with your phone & tablet, so you don't have to email yourself links to websites or directions that you’ll need on your phone.

Hint is a context-aware, proactive mobile search engine that predicts and anticipates what you'll need, and then assists you in doing our recommendations, whether it be making a dinner reservation or connecting you with someone you ought to know.

HelvetiNews is a minimalist theme for HackerNews.

Django is the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.